3 step techniques to solve your dog separation anxiety after moving

There are several ways to handle dog separation anxiety after moving.Almost all dogs feel insecure, scared, and anxious when they’re left alone. That’s the main reason why they cry, bark, howl, chew, and dig. Some even develop a serious dog behavior problem known as separation anxiety. 

dog separation anxiety after moving

Toys to chew – Helps to improve your dog separation anxiety

To avoid dog behavior problems caused by separation, your puppy must feel comfortable, happy, and safe when you’re not at home. So, it’s very important to give him something to do while you’re out. Give him several toys to chew. The most useful toys to handle separation problems are those that can be filled with food treats, such as Kong toys.

Leavening your dog alone most often is not a bad

Also, teach your dog that being alone is not so bad. It’s better to leave him alone for a while and then, come back to play with him. Do this several times a day, until he gets used to your departures and understands you’re not abandoning him. Gradually increase the time he remains alone, but start with a 3 minutes period.

If he cries, barks, or howls at the moment you leave him alone, wait until he stops that behavior before returning. If you return while he’s howling or crying, you’ll be reinforcing that unwanted behavior. Return only when he calms, and play with him for some minutes and don’t forget reward him some treats. Don’t rush to increase the time he remains alone. Do this gradually: 3 minutes, then 5, then 7, etc.

dog separation anxiety training

Warm-up training before leaving – improves your dog separation anxiety after moving

A great thing to do is to provide your dog with enough play and exercise. Do this on a regular daily schedule. Is likely that your dog will sleep while you’re outside if he is tired. Don’t think much of your departures, as long as you’ll be encouraging him to play. Just leave without any emotion. You may find it useful to ignore your dog 15 minutes before your departure.